Thursday, June 23, 2005

Be Careful What You Wish For...

Nobody Was Expecting This But Me

So, I got my wish, the NBA Finals went to Game 7. A true "final" game of the NBA season. And somehow, my predictions have come true thus far. We've had a blowout by each team, a couple of close games, and two games where each team took over late. We've had a classic Robert Horry performance as he single handedly took over Game 5 and won the game for the Spurs and we've even had a chance to see Tim Duncan crumple in crunch time. The series has provided NBA experts more chances to switch sides than any other series I can remember. After the first two games in San Antonio, no one thought Detroit had a chance. After the next 2 games in Detroit, no one thought San Antonio could win another game. Now, I don't think any of them know what to think. Which is exactly the way it should be. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the 2 best basketball teams in the world play for the championship.

And when Chauncy Billups hits the 3 pointer to win, remember that I'll be saying "I told you so."

Why Break Up the Band After Their First Big Hit?

So, thanks to a trade made today between Phoenix and the New York Knicks, I have some fantasy basketball to talk about. As announced on ESPN, the Phoenix Suns have agreed to send Quentin Richardson and a conditional first round pick to the Knicks for Kurt Thomas.

The purpose of this for Phoenix is to add some much needed muscle to the lineup. The major complaints about this team all year was that they didn't have any muscle. Kurt Thomas can provide that. He has been a solid fantasy contributor for a while now and it is fair to expect him to continue that in Phoenix. But I just don't see that happening. In fact, for me, this trade makes no sense. Phoenix was the surprise team this year, running past teams so fast they didn't know what hit them. They spread the floor with 3 point shooters and set the tempo to every game they were in. Q was key in that attack and was one of the NBA leaders in 3 pointers made. He did fall apart a bit in the playoffs, coming up very short against San Antonio. However, some of that may be contributed to the fact that Joe Johnson was unable to perform up to his standards due to injury. And while this trade was also made so that Phoenix could afford to resign Joe Johnson, they are losing an athletic 2 guard who could run and shoot and was unafraid to just keep shooting. For me, the one thing that this trade reminds me of is the moves made by the 2001/02 Milwaukee Bucks. In the 2001 Playoffs, the Bucks lost to the beloved Sixers in the Eastern Conference Finals. During that offseason, the Bucks decided that they needed more toughness and went out and signed former Kinck Anthony Mason. This cost the Bucks what had made them such a good team the year before and they failed to even make the playoffs in 2002. Phoenix was a surprise team this year because of how well they played, don't be surprised if they fall back down this coming season.

As for how this affects the Knicks, well, if anyone has any idea what Isiah Thomas is doing with that team you are welcome to contribute a guest post. It almost looks like he wants to play Stephon Marbury and surround him with 4 swingmen. Who knows, maybe it'll work.



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