Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Random Sleepy Thoughts While Staying Up Late Watching Eddy Play

The Day After Tomorrow...

The day after I cut him because he's been hurt and inconsistent, Damon Stoudamire goes off for 26 pts, 7 assists, 3 three pointers, and 2 steals.

Thanks Mouse.

Just one more sign that someone needs to take control of my fantasy team away from me before I really lose it.

Just be prepared for Kenyon Martin to continue the trend.

Chris, This is Danny. Danny, Meet Chris...

All I'm saying is that this is Chris Bosh's 3rd year in the league and he hasn't put on any muscle mass. If he would somehow find the gym, he might be able to put on enough muscle to play center all year. And that would allow Charlie Villaneuva to be a full time starter next to him.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Best There Was...

I Love It When Someone Else is the Dissenting Opinion...

Normally I think his work is overrated. I think he mails in too many articles and doesn't ever make you think. But every once in a while, Bill Simmons writes a nice article. Good to see that he can still do it.

You Like Me!! You Really Like Me!!!

I guess John Hollinger of ESPN doesn't hate me. But while he was willing to answer questions on some of his favorite players, he still won't answer any questions about why he loves Chris Andersen so much. I'm going to keep plugging away though, these chats should be a weekly occurance.

Stu (Philly): Why won't Scott Skiles play Mike Sweetney more than 15 minutes a night?

SportsNation John Hollinger: I've been wondering the same thing because he's so obviously better than Songaila. I think he's worried that Sweetney won't space the floor well if he's out there with Chandler, but in this case I think the difference in skill is large enough to outweight that consideration.

Stu (Philly): For someone who made their mark last year letting their scorers run the floor, why has Nate McMillan let his best scorer (Travis Outlaw) rot on the bench?

SportsNation John Hollinger: I'm as baffled as you are. There's a numbers game at the forward spots (at least until they trade Patterson), but he still should be finding Outlaw minutes somewhere -- the guy is way too talented to be riding the pine for a bad team.

Oh, and there was this one too. I always like the idea of Larry Brown choking someone.

Stu (Philly): If Isiah Thomas trades for Jalen Rose will Larry Brown be legally exonerated for choking him to death?

SportsNation John Hollinger: Depends what he gives up -- if it only costs him Penny Hardaway then it does no harm. But remember that Isiah and Jalen weren't exactly warm and fuzzy with each other in Indiana, so I'm not sure if this rumor has legs.

What Did I Say He Had to Score?

I told someone before the season started that John Salmons needed to score 12 pts per game. Thus far he has scored 12 or more points 4 times, including 16 tonight against the Raptors.

The Sixers are 3-1 in those games.

What Happened to Crazy Rick Adelman?

Before the season, Rick Adelman stated that he would use a rotating frontcourt next to Peja Stojakovic, including any combination of Kenny Thomas, Shareef Abdur Rahim, and Brad Miller. Thus far Kenny Thomas has been wondering where these minutes have gone, as he has yet to log 20 minutes in any game.

Please Stop Shooting Jumpers

Chris Webber loves that jump shot from the elbow. Someone needs to tell him he can't hit it anymore. Get down low, throw up your hook shot. No more jumpers.

Still a Little Early

Look for more in depth NBA and fantasy discussion in the coming weeks. I won't talk about it right now considering Eddie Jones is rated #2 in the Yahoo rankings.

(notice the carefully placed Temple Owl reference?)